Advertising for clinics and medical centers.

Today the market of services in the field of medicine, health and beauty reached a high level of competition, requiring its members organized a permanent work to attract and retain customers, as well as to build and sustain their own brands. At the same time most organizations working in the field of medicine, health and beauty, require constant influx of significant new customers, which makes medical marketing the most effective tool with which ensures effective and efficient advertising of medical services. Effective medical ads is provided by a huge number of different tools and platforms and allows you to get the same result is completely different in price, and on ways to act. Effective medical advertising, marketing budgets optimally uses - a daunting task for medical institutions and companies working in the field of health and beauty, and often it can not be solved solely on their own, and requires the use of outside specialists. MedFarmKonsalting (medSeven) is a specialized advertising and consulting company in the medical, pharmaceutical and beauty industry and a healthy recreation. The company "MedFarmKonsalting" is a market leader and since 2000 has earned the respect and credibility, both among competitors, and among market participants. Over the years, hundreds of medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and representatives of the beauty industry have organized their own advertising campaigns and integrated promotion with the help of specialists MedFarmKonsalting. The company operates the largest online health projects in Russia, among them: Nedug.Ru - medical social network for health and beauty, - portal for medicine, health and beauty.

Professional interests of the company: an integrated advertising and marketing of medical and pharmaceutical organizations, as well as beauty salons, analytical market research in the pharmaceutical medicine, import / export of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, PR-positioning clinics, pharmaceutical companies and beauty salons, assistance in obtaining evidence, conclusions, licenses for medical goods and services.

Our company strictly adheres to all the desires of the client, regardless of its level or activity. Made our advertising agency for small and medium-sized clinics and beauty salons will be no less effective than advertising major private and public centers.

We have the opportunity to sell advertising and PR-projects in every region of our country and abroad, based both on the development of partnerships, as well as significant experience in similar work.

Medical Marketing involves understanding how consumer needs and characteristics of the advertising market is in these areas. So when the need to advertise a beauty salon, or an effective and targeted advertising to attract customers clinics, often preferred to specialized advertising companies, who know the market well and having a positive experience for him.

The most difficult task facing our experts, is to find effective methods of positioning of a particular type of medical services, so our advertising clinics has a decisive influence on the selection of the final consumer in favor of an advertised medical institutions. Any advertising companies in the field of medicine and cosmetology, whether it be advertising or promotion of beauty health services of private dental clinic, you must start with a detailed market research. This will allow more precise focus on needed to achieve business objectives actions. Organizing campaigns, we always rely on our experience, the accumulated statistics and data held by us earlier marketing studies of various market segments in the field of beauty, health and medicine, which allows us, in all cases to obtain optimal results and ensure the effectiveness of advertising for our clients.

Advertising for clinics and medical centers.

Today is a prerequisite for the successful operation of any medical center or clinic is an effective policy to attract customers. The reason for this was not only strong competition in the market of medical services, but also the need for using promotional publications and PR-actions to maintain the high status of the clinic, which provides skilled care and an excellent level of service.

Any medical institution is very important to prove itself, because the Russian mentality for decades was built on "word of mouth." It is estimated that each patient has successfully passed a course of treatment, "lead" three more clients among acquaintances, friends or relatives. Patients often ignore the excellent service and the availability of additional services to private clinics because for a long time treated with "their" doctor working in a public institution. Meanwhile, even the concept of "advertising budget" in these institutions are still there, and it gives the private health centers are a great advantage.

If your clinic is not experts in the field of promotion using promotional tools, it is necessary to instruct a professional agency. With it, you can choose the most effective way to attract patients, largely depends on who you want to see in your clinic's clients include: the inhabitants of the urban district, which houses the clinic, patients in remote large cities, corporate clients or persons insured under the LCA .

Advertising in print media and on television today is gradually losing its relevance because of its high cost and declining effectiveness, however, and it all depends on your target audience patient clinic. The choice of advertising media is best to carry out, by comparing ratings of publications and TV programs (such ratings are derived from marketing and sociological research groups).

The analysis will show, in which the media is better to advertise - for example, paid-in module to turn a glossy magazine can sometimes be useful only in terms of image step.

If your clinic has recently opened, and its main customers, according to your plan, must be people of mature age, can give a good effect of radio advertising.

The most promising trend in the advertising of medical centers today is the Internet. This is due to its greater efficiency: the client, attracted by advertising on the network costs much cheaper when compared to the cost of advertising in traditional media. In addition, Internet

covers a much larger audience than the number of subscribers of any newspaper or magazine, and most importantly - advertising on the network can only see people interested in health care, because it is not only irritating, but also helps potential clients make the right choice.

Today, having a beautiful and convenient site with your feedback will allow the clinic not only to give its visitors comprehensive information about services and prices, but also engage them in dialogue, make recommendations and then provide an opportunity for potential customers to use the services of your clinic.

Advertising your services, remember that your main task - to truthfully inform the visitor about the nature and direction of the clinic, as clearly described the services provided.

Unfortunately, today's stage of development of paid medicine often involves a departure from ethical standards, so do not forget that if you declare a high quality clinical services, she is responsible primarily to their patients.

Advertising for a beauty salon.

The number of beauty salons is increasing every day, and today even the skeptics it is clear that for any beauty in such a competitive business-designed marketing strategy is vital. With its emphasis on the formation of a recognizable image of the interior, which not only provides services on a professional level, but also has its own "flavor", you will maintain and increase their business. Do not forget that even the original and brilliant promotions, big-investment will not bring the desired effect unless they are addressed to a predetermined target audience, therefore, to develop an advertising strategy, determine the immediate tasks and long-term goal. When choosing a promotional tool owners of beauty salons, as a rule, seek first to outdoor advertising. Despite the fact that such advertising implies a decent cost of printing (when it comes to brochures and leaflets) and the installation of billboards - all of this works great for attracting customers. Another very popular way - advertising in the media. A good result can bring articles posted to profile women's magazines or newspapers with a large number of subscribers. On the radio is very popular publicity stunt, which consists in drawing all sorts of VIP-cards and subscriptions for service. In general, then, to get a good enough profit beauty salon just a couple hundred customers, and it is very important that the majority of them attended a regular salon. To retain customers - one of the most important tasks of the cabin, especially in the case of a successful start "word of mouth" will quickly lead you to the relatives, friends and acquaintances of those who liked the professional service and a wide range of services.Very often, the modern consumer uses the network to search for information online - of course, today it is one of the most convenient source of detailed and accurate information about all types of services. A huge audience of women spends on the Internet for hours looking for just such information, which is why create a website and bring it to the top rankings of search engines - the primary goal of any ambitious beauty studio that cares about its image and seeks to attract more customers a secured layer.

Own site beauty salon helps not only to improve its image in the eyes of customers. Advising visitors of the site, over time, you can turn many visitors into customers saloon - the main thing that materials posted on the page are relevant and useful. There should be at the site most convenient for potential customers a convenient form of feedback - some phone numbers will be insufficient. For example, the program is installed on the site "virtual barber" will allow visitors to "try" her hair, choosing a style you like and then ask for its implementation is in your salon.

Even if your ad budget do not allow promotion of a site in earnest, can be very effective so-called viral marketing. Place the positive reviews of her salon on numerous forums, discussions of communities, groups "VKontakte" - it will bring good results.

The main thing to remember, advertising services - your salon does not keep visitors if staff professionalism and quality of service will be comparable to the level stated in the advertisement.

SPA-salon advertising. Advertising - a lot of money being spent for the sole purpose - to call the client at least, or better yet - come to the SPA. Measure the effectiveness of advertising in the amount that is spent to ensure that the client has crossed the threshold of the institution. For Moscow, the cost of one of the primary client for a long time has exceeded 5000 rubles, to use traditional methods for spa salons - outdoor advertising, glossy magazines, etc. .. Building a program to attract customers - a creative process and thin. The worst thing that every year the situation is changing, and even found yesterday successful techniques obsolete and no longer produce results. We have long been creating beauty salons and spa centers, "turnkey" and every year we have to engage in promotion of five to six new projects. And from time to time, "an old friend" want to beauty salons to help the older generation once again to reach the hearts of customers. With full responsibility we can say that every time we are confronted with how things have changed, which means that the techniques that worked fine a year ago, today's result can only give a vain waste of advertising money. But nevertheless, the general approach to solving the problem of promotion of beauty salons will tell.

The program of outdoor advertising beauty salons

If efforts to attract customers entrust our consulting group, we do not consider the options when the cost of borrowing is more expensive per person 3000 rubles. Our advertising programs are based on the application of the best available and low-cost options for conveying information (in various cases, it may be sending SMS messages, distribution of invitations, publications in local newspapers, news tickers on cable television, conducting educational programs on radio and TV, arrangements for exchange clients, publications in mass Internet sites and more). Typically, a combination of these methods. In each area of ​​the city, in every season, even in every day of the week a variety of effective ways to attract private clients.

But keep in mind that there are no miracles. You can not expect advertising tenfold the number of customers, but in fact, given that many procedures are cyclical, not so many new customers as required. A three or four dozen can attract with an inexpensive but carefully thought-out advertising.

Advertising fitness club. Today, health clubs open every day, but not every manager is, what should be the advertising business strategy and what the funds will be the best investment for the promotion of competent brand. Sometimes the biggest mistake small just starting out is the lack of clubs in the state in advertising. Not a pro, from time to time engaged in public relations, not only can not properly present the club, but over time will cause you to incur the cost of tangible increase in advertising volume. Standard advertising budget fitness club should be at least 7-10% of total turnover, 60% of them are best spent on outdoor advertising, and the remainder divided between the cost of carrying out various activities and investments in Internet advertising. Conducted by experts showed that the bulk of clients of any fitness club is composed of people living in the immediate vicinity. So when you open a fitness center, carefully examine the area in the presence of a successful competition. Find out which allowed them to attract rich clients, but do not copy the successful moves (unless, of course, your plans are not included in the near future, the "crush" of the candidate in full).

In connection with this "outdoor advertising" that is, bright signs, colorful banners and signs, is a very important channel for attracting customers. It is very important to the quality of the club sign - often forget about it, and yet the club next to your clock and go ride your potential customers. Once invested in a sign, you can turn it into a personal media, covering a large audience.

Advertising Club, it would be better not to separate him from other clubs in the area. Participate in contests, charity events spend related to the activities of the club. Becoming a sponsor of a sports marathon, you will win a lot of sympathy and attract the target audience.

Try to stand out creative story about making your fitness club, located in the popular press. Find a man who, after the injury arose "on its feet" after the course lessons with the best coach in your club. Having arranged the event devoted to healing your client, you will certainly attract media attention, and with their help the club there will an additional influx of customers.

Through advertising on the Internet, which is particularly effective in large cities, you can save a lot of money. Thus, in the summer season, this channel is simply indispensable: after all, even when resting, your customers are reading news and browsing e-mail. With the organization of direct mail with targeted sampling your business will receive a new impetus to the development of the client's network.

Much attention should be paid to the retention of existing customers - many of them sometimes "forget" to renew season tickets. Help maintain a constant invitation to the audience (as well as a client), a famous athlete or actor. A good course will also be invited to coach a team of experts in fitness with its formed clientele. A fast-spreading rumors will lead to your new followers, and a healthy lifestyle.

Consider a system of training for new members by experienced customers with many years of training. Spend tasting juice or sample clean makeup, a beautiful and comfortable sports equipment. Always remember that your club - it is also an excellent platform for partners whose clients are also the people leading an active lifestyle.

Internet advertising for medicine, cosmetics and fitness.

· medSeven has the following features and tools of internet marketing:

· Search Engine Optimization and SEO-promotion;

· competitions, surveys, interactive actions to promote products and services;

· creative development and promotions;

· development and implementation of tizingovyh and advertising campaigns;

· create interactive flash-games, animations;

· Development of flash presentations;

· development of viral marketing programs;

· partnership conducting media-campaigns using mobile operators and content aggregators, SMS-services;

· implementation of promotions using SMS as an effective tool for marketing and communications;

· development of mobile content (animated wallpapers, screensavers, SMS / MMS series).

Advertising of medical services on the Internet is one of the most successful methods of obtaining customers for health care organizations. The number of current major medical centers, as well as conventional clinics, offering a wide variety of paid services, has recently increased incredibly. Medicine has become a region with very high competition. How can arrange an advertising campaign on the Internet so that every ruble invested not only returned, but also makes a profit, ten times the cost of advertising?

To achieve maximum results need careful approach to planning an advertising campaign and choose appropriate tools for each occasion.

First of all, you should pay attention to search engine optimization, which allows us to reach a maximum audience Runet. Indeed, almost every user begins his journey in the internet with any search engine: Yandex, Google and Rambler. Properly selected target your specific requests for medical topics will provide you a high position in the list given by the search engines.

Website Promotion - very efficient, but will take quite a long period of time (one to three months). If you want instant results, we recommend using. Contextual advertising of medical products, services and facilities has a point impact on users, is currently interested in acquiring certain goods or services. Hence, it is not annoying, but instead helps to make the right decision. Contextual advertising clinics and medical centers - is an indispensable tool for promoting goods and services on the Internet, not only when results are needed quickly, but in cases where the campaign is intended, or for a specified period, such as one month, when the promotion is done.

Internet users searching for online health centers and services can be divided into two groups. The first appeared only concerned with their symptoms and are wondering what they might mean. The latter already know about their illness and are looking for a clinic, compare prices, read reviews. For example, a person who suffers back pain, in the search bar of your browser enters the query "Back Pain". Anyone who knows that his pain is caused by, for example, intervertebral osteochondrosis, or hernia, will look for a clinic specializing in treatment of these diseases. Some will be put into your browser symptoms that characterize the disease, while others - a specific disease, the profile of the physician (eg, dentist, surgeon, gynecologist, etc.). Therefore, the key demands aimed at each of these groups will differ significantly from each other. It is very important to use the name of the clinic as a key request, as many Internet users drive in the name of the medical facility in your browser. By organizing his campaign in this way, you get targeted traffic is strictly interested visitors, and, importantly, it costs much cheaper.

Search engine optimization and contextual advertising is most effective when it is formed by the demand for medical goods and services. If you just open a clinic to market, for example, a new drug or a more modern medical equipment, more efficient, you will be placing online advertising with the involvement of specific blocks of text or graphic banners for specialized medical portal, as well as areas where specialists in different profiles conduct free advice everyone straight on the web.

Web-services our agency offers to place health at the leading media advertising Runet portals, including:

· Yandex - the search engine

· Nedug.Ru Portal - Health, beauty and medicine

· COSMO - Women's Magazine

· GLAMOUR - Women's Magazine

· Afisha

· Youtube

· vkontakte

Medical Internet advertising due to their characteristics necessarily requires the participation of skilled artists. The agency «medSeven» has many years experience in context and media advertising campaigns on the Internet, as well as the promotion of health centers, clinics, medical equipment and services in major search engines Runet: Yandex, Google, Rambler. Designed by our advertising agency to help you significantly increase the number of your patients.

Website for clinics and salons.

medSeven - one of the leading agencies in the field of Internet advertising for the branch of medicine, health and beauty - is ready to be your guide in the virtual world, which plays an important role in real business.

Currently, the main mistake is the lack of customer sites integrated approach to solving the problem of positioning on the Internet, using price as the main criterion for choosing the Executive website. This was true for about 10 years ago, when the site is, in most cases, served as business cards and wore more trendy features, rather than advertising.

Now the site is considered a powerful tool for selling products and services - more and more people refuse to advertise in print magazines and carry advertising on the Internet. It is more efficient, cheaper, and therefore more profitable. That is why the creation of the site must be approached comprehensively as possible, before honing the site for the target audience, make it so that the site was available for viewing by any user with the settings, was a pleasant, easy to use.

The site, in its essence, is a versatile business tool:

· site represents the organization, its products and services

· site initiates of contacting new clients, customers and partners

· site interacts with visitors - serving existing customers, dealers and partners.

The site can perform a variety of other, equally important, functions:

· To attract skilled personnel in the organization

· To provide an influx of new partners

· To ensure quality control of goods and / or service organizations - representing almost a perfect channel for customer feedback.

When you create a website, we use the most modern technology:

· design - allowing you to create impressive animated sites based on flash or multimedia presentations, with all sorts of visual and sound effects;

· in web-programming - allowing us to create not only a convenient content management system or a full-featured online stores, and large information web-servers, providing round the clock information from relational databases dynamically generated queries.

Website promotion in search engines.

Even if you have the best resource, with an impressive design that is really interesting and useful content, but not by promoting the site, potential customers simply can not find you in your search: site or general will not be indexed, or will at some thousandth place - which is essentially the same thing.

Professional website promotion - is a multilevel process in which a resource should be brought to perfection, and the right to "submit" to search engines. This process requires to keep abreast of, as search algorithms change regularly, and search engines - not the people they can not be bribed or deceived.

Med7, offering services to promote sites in search engines work by using only "white" methods, because you certainly do not want to be "banned" the search engine. "Black method," which, in our opinion, are not allowed to imply the use of prohibited methods - in which case nothing can be guaranteed.

Our company offers a guaranteed website promotion, in which the payment is made just for the result, not an empty promise or a momentary effect.

Comprehensive promotion of sites.

Progress in the search engines can be successfully combined with the promotion nepoiskovoy site, which includes contextual and banner advertising. Thus, contextual advertising site increases the visibility of the resource in a retrieval system, respectively, increasing search engine traffic and providing a more stable result.

Advertising in social networks.

Social networks - one of the most visited Internet portals Runet. Online social networks are registered tens of millions of people.

Social networking today is perhaps the largest market for advertising. That sociality makes advertising on these resources so attractive. Due to the developed targeting, the advertiser has the ability to spot the impact on the target audience. In the setting of an advertising campaign can be set not only the geographical and temporal, and socio-demographic targeting, as well as the search target, where the translation scheme is similar to contextual advertising. In addition, social networks, you can create groups and use viral advertising as the main tool to promote your products and services.

Performance indicators in social networks.

1. "VKontakte" - a network project that helps people keep in touch with loved ones.


VKontakte - the most visited resource of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

VKontakte is the leader in all areas related to online communication:

Internet resource number 1 in Russia, the most visited social network in Russia (TNS Gallup).

More than two billion pages on the site is opened daily. This is more than all other major Internet sites of the CIS combined.

The largest photo hosting service in the CIS: more than 12 million photos uploaded to this site daily.

The biggest video hosting service in the CIS: more than 1.8 million new video files every day.

The largest audio hosting the CIS: more than 1.4 million of new audio records every day.

The most popular form of communication in the CIS: more than 80 million messages sent daily.

In September 2009 on the site registered more than 40 million users.


VKontakte has a very loyal audience within the CIS.

Each user view an average of 150-180 pages each day.

Daily life on visits 9.5 million people or more.

About 80% of visitors live in Russia.

41% of visitors - from Moscow, 26% - from St. Petersburg.

18% of visitors under the age of 19 years, 28% - from 19 to 25 years, 11% - from 25 to 35 years.

2. LiveJournal - the largest blogging service and one of the most popular online communities in the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet - more than 80% of the top-100 Russian-language blogs are maintained in LiveJournal.

"Live Journal" is almost a substitute for influential publications and successfully competes with well-known news on-line resources, showing a barometer of public opinion. Opinion blogger LiveJournal - it is the opinion of the average young urban residents whose income is not below average, computer literate and having enough time off work. The weekly audience of more than 96 portal thousand unique visitors from Belarus, who view more than one million pages.

The benefits of advertising on LiveJournal:

- LiveJournal - he's "Living History" - the most popular blog-hosting service in RuNet

- LiveJournal has a maximum coverage of the audience (60%) among the most affluent Internet users

- Advertising Learn wide reach allows high-quality, live audience, and targeting will provide unique opportunities for effective interaction with the CA

- Ability to collect independent statistics will fully analyze an advertising campaign

Media advertising.

Media advertising - is the placement of graphic banners on websites - advertising platforms. For each campaign platforms are selected individually.

Media advertising is paid for impressions, mostly for 1000 impressions (CPM) or for placement on a certain date.

Media advertising is best used for the following tasks:

· increase brand awareness;

· coverage of the target audience;

· event marketing (announcements, shares);

· bringing to market a new product.

Features media advertising:

· broad thematic coverage of the audience;

· the use of animation and interactive (technology Flash, GIF);

· possible targeting (geographical, temporal and more complex).

Why do media advertising is profitable to buy a med7?

· placement is faster and cheaper, because We have already concluded contracts with the sites and good discounts, you do not have a separate contract with each of the advertising platforms;

· media plans are ready for a health center, SPA and beauty salons, fitness clubs

· We provide a personal manager to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of campaigns;

· postcampaign-analysis conducted last campaign.

When contacting med7 you will receive advice of competent professionals who will perform the following works to solve your problems by means of media advertising:

· development of a strategy of advertising campaigns;

· media planning;

· development of promotional materials;

· launch an advertising campaign;

· Advertising campaign tracking, reporting performance, making operational adjustments.

Contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising sites helps us to turn the audience "just users" in your real customers. The main goal of our work - to increase your sales through internet advertising in any form. The most popular services in Russia is Yandex and Google AdWords.

Every day the search engines handle tens of millions of search queries and pages of case sites. Among them there are queries about your clinic, health center or spa.

Yandex - is one way to search and placement of thematic content. Yandex also available on other types, such as media advertising, or Yandex.Market that can be used in conjunction with the Directives.

"Yandex Direct" - is contextual advertising, search, and the corresponding user interests as well:

· advertising is placed with a pay per click ad, not for his show;

· CPC is set independently;

· the largest coverage of the Internet audience in Russia - Yandex search use every day millions of people;

· geography and the shows can be restricted depending on the location and time of your business;

· virtual business card with phone numbers and addresses, which can show if you do not have a site;

· control over the budget that is spent on an advertising campaign;

· reports on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign for each property, each Keyword for each day;

· additional sites Yandex Advertising Network to increase the audience, which may be interested in your offer.

Advantages Yandex.Direct compared with other types of advertising.

The task of traditional advertising in the printed press, radio, television and media, usually is to switch our attention, to distract the user from the fact that he was going to watch or read.

The context does not switch the user's attention focused on solving their problems. She does not fight with him, and goes to meet him. Contextual advertising Yandex reveals to the visitor, only those ads that are directly related to the fact that he is currently interested in - and these interests by his own clearly defined.

What is our work?

We will draw up a list of search queries that will display advertisements. We eliminate unnecessary requests, which adversely affect the conduct of the campaign.

In order for the number of ad impressions to the number of hits was the best, our copywriting experts will write to you the most relevant text ads.

Your personal manager will continually monitor the flow of advertising budget, setting the optimum value of the price move and position announcement.

Advertising on television.

Advertising on television is essential to the media, and the air is used to transmit information that is perceived by the audience almost instantaneously. Essential to the media also applies radio, but if the transfer of information on television includes motion pictures, sound and color, the radio has to be guided only by sound. Therefore, the impact of television advertising to the consumer is much more powerful than radio advertising, through complex effects on visual and auditory analyzers. This is the main distinguishing feature of television advertising over the radio advertising and other forms of advertising in the media. Thus, television advertising has advantages in that the potential audience can not only hear but see the advertised product and, therefore, to remember the image of the advertised product or service. The repetition of this image in conjunction with the melody, advertising slogan makes a highly effective tool in the fight for the consumer.

It is believed that numerous national television audience of Russia - a family with average income and education are not above the average - special. This is explained by the fact that most television programs designed just for this group, because people with higher income and education levels are more extensive interests and pastimes more opportunities, however, that the average data for the television audience as a whole, depending on the region they are subject to change.

TV audience is different mass scale, but it can be large differences depending on time of day, days, weeks, and the nature of television programs, which gives advertisers an opportunity to submit their ads at a time when the intended audience is located at the screens. An advertiser can be guided by geographic selectivity, going to local and regional markets. TV does supply information immediately, with no other media can match, and the article shows all angles. The many faces of television advertising - sound, image, movement, character, color. In recent years, the ability to use computer graphics and expensive decorations give the room fantasy creator of advertising. When using the advertising of such a plan, many companies increase the prestige and reputation of your company by sponsoring a variety of theatrical productions, the production of movies, sports shows and other cultural events. Television advertising has a dominant role in complex media.

The apparent advantage of airtime is a massive coverage and low cost of contact, and should be taken into consideration that the audience for whom the advertisement, otherwise the money spent on the creation of promotional television advertisement can be spent in an empty because potential consumers are living in another region or interested in this product or service.

Types of TV commercials.

On Russian TV are basically two types of television advertising - it is the direct advertising (trailers), and sponsor advertising (sponsorship saver, logo, ad master, etc.). The bulk of advertising time on TV is direct advertising that is dynamic broadcast video standard duration of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds.

Sponsorship of television programs (sponsorship advertising)

At the moment, this kind of advertising on TV is one of the most popular. Companies, advertisers are responsible for the content of the program and its cost of production (shooting in the studio or on a desert island), as well as for advertising itself and its form.

Undoubted advantages of this type of television advertising on television is that the potential customer is easier to learn and remember the good or service, and gaining the prestige of the company easier for the advertised goods, since the name of the product or service associated with the sponsorship of popular TV programs. The company - sponsor usually has control over the layout and content of sponsorship advertising. The program includes the following options sponsorship: sponsorship placement of video, logo, ad master, Product placement, the integration of a product or service to the program and other options.

Very often, companies use co-sponsorship to reduce costs of production of TV programs, this is usually similar in theme to the structure of the program products (food, household chemicals, etc.)..

Ad units (direct advertising)

It is well known to viewers and advertisers advertising blocks (straight relama) - pauses in between, and within a program or movie. These TV-insertion advertisers are more flexible because advertising can be focused on market price (ie, ads can be broadcast at a time when the potential audience reaches its maximum). This form of television advertising is much cheaper than a sponsorship, but at the same time has a significant drawback, which lies in the fact that consumers are moving away from TV screens or switch to another channel (especially if you know the approximate length of time the ad unit), and therefore will be most effective, if the commercials will stand at the beginning or end of the ad unit, when viewers still will not have time or are already switch their TVs back on the program.

The study of TV audience.

When planning advertising on television should be invested in the advertising budget is not only the cost to create a clip, but first and foremost a demonstration of it on TV. Naturally, the cost of the show will depend on the channel and its regional coverage, as well as the time of day broadcast.

The financial cost to the audience using television advertising are sufficiently large, the average is 2.10 USD a thousand spectators, but at the same time, the interest return is incomparable with each viewing of television advertising. The lack of selectivity can also lead to the fact that when you try to cover too narrow an audience airtime will be ineffective, but at the same time, the transfer of well-chosen, within which will be broadcast advertising blocks will reduce this percentage is not covered by the target audience to a minimum. When placing advertisements on television and the creation of commercials should bear in mind that the average length of commercials of 30 seconds, and during this time can be difficult to create a positive impression about the product, especially when the ad unit is between watching the movie, it only causes irritation among consumers, which are either moving away from the TV to take a break and do any chores, or switch to another channel. Therefore, you must correctly allocate resources and direct the creation of commercials that amount, which will provide goods or services from a variety of other movies. The same effect will be achieved, even if a potential customer looks at ad unit on a background similar to the type of goods, among which the movie shows how the customer.

In order to measure audiences on TV ratings will apply a number of techniques. Shown in the test sample that is representative of the market, and then, using different techniques, determined the size and characteristics of the audience viewers or listeners.

Using these techniques can identify potential consumer audience:

PUT (People Using TV), HUT (Home Using TV) - these figures describe the number of people or households, using at this time of the day TV. These figures show the volume change of the potential audience of TV in general.

The share (Share) - this figure describes the number of people or households, using at this time of the day the TV tuned to a particular program. This figure shows the change of the potential audience of a particular program or channel.

Rating (TVR) - this figure is an estimate of the percentage of the audience who saw this or that program.

Organizations involved in determining the rating of TV programs, using various means, such as a TV Index (using special sensors - TVmetry that every second automatically record the fact on-off TV, part of the respondent in the TV viewing, as well as switching channels on each TV), phone monitoring (telephone calls of citizens to determine their social status, education, and of watching what TV show they were busy at the moment and look how often), a variety of surveys using online surveys, etc.

The effect of television advertising is dependent on time of day when the advertisement is broadcast. Time to share air time as follows: morning prime time (7.00-9.00), daytime (from 9.00-16.00), late afternoon (s16.00-17.30), late afternoon news side (17.00-17.30-19.30), late afternoon the best time (19.30- 20.00), evening prime-time (20.00-23.00), the evening news (23.00-23.30), evening and night transfer (23.00-1.00). The highest levels occur in the viewer's attention from 18.00-23.00. It is believed that the day and early evening hours - the time of such consumers, as housewives, pensioners and students. Consequently, in these hours is optimal to advertise the goods and services that can be consumed by the target audience.

Buying commercials.

In order to reach the maximum percentage of the intended audience of the advertiser with a maximum frequency and not going beyond the planned budget (especially if it is limited) use media planning (planning the advertising campaign, including the dates and types of accommodation to her billing, cost and perceived effectiveness of this campaign).

It is believed that the TV has two types of prime-time: evening (19.00-23.00) and morning (7.00-7.45 and 9.15-10.15). The morning "peak" time for Statistics collects three times less viewers. This is due to the fact that the potential audience goes to school or work.

Usually for the calculation of the media plan for television advertising is necessary to know two parameters: the rating of television programs (TVR) and the proportion of viewers of the program (Share). These two indicators are related by the formula:

TVR / HUT = Share, where TVR - TV Ratings, HUT - Audience TV at the moment, Share - Share of TV viewers of the program.

The study of audience share and ratings for TV shows need to develop a promotional fares and create television programming policy, and to identify the competitor on TV viewers' interest peaks.

Pros and cons of TV advertising.

The apparent advantage is the massive scope and selectivity of the audience, especially if the proposed product or service have a target orientation (eg, washing powder ads in women's talk show, cars in the political programs, etc.). Attention to the information provided allows an advertiser to display their product or service from all angles. If the advertising budget allocated for the product or service allows you to allocate funds for the creation of both a series of commercials, the creative potential of television advertising is greatly extended. The picture, sound, motion, color, and is now a growing use of computer technology allows creators to use the unlimited possibilities of advertising. Do not forget about the prestige of this type of advertising. Consumers accustomed to trust what he is shown, so the availability of funds and opportunities to access goods or services to a new level of TV advertising can be an excellent investment option in the promotion of an advanced market subject of advertising. Television has a dominant role in complex media. It is difficult to compare the real balance of power of TV and marketing of the advertised goods. The appeal of television media that creates undeniable advantages.

But at the same time, advertising on television has its drawbacks. This is a fairly high cost of production as commercials (especially with the use of special computer or staged, or visiting facilities), lack of selectivity (if you want to cover a very narrow audience, the airtime is ineffective), the duration of the show is short enough, so contact with the viewer's commercials have restrictions on time. Poor in remembering the role of the goods or services can play a promotional environment, it may be products with similar characteristics. Also during commercials likely to switch TV on another channel, so the bulk of the ad unit is hidden from a potential customer.

But despite some disadvantages of advertising on TV, yet it has more advantages than disadvantages. Popularization of television in recent years suggests that television advertising is not only as a means of promoting goods or services on the market, but also as a unique art form will find many of the advertised goods the consumer.

PR clinics and salons.

Public Relations focused on the formation and development of the brand, which in turn affects the involvement of the client audience for a longer time interval.

We can help you conduct an effective online PR-campaign to raise awareness of your brand and the citation.

PR solves the problem:


Change the negative image of the company

Create a positive image of the company

Formation of highly loyal audience

Dissemination of information through online media, social networks, newspapers, etc.

The development of each campaign is individual and depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Our PR-actions:

creative development and the generation of newsroom occasions;

preparation / initiation / adaptation of materials of all kinds of information according to the characteristics of the Internet media;

dissemination of information materials in the Internet media;

interaction with network reporters, analysts and commentators;

dissemination of information in a professional themed online community;

organization and holding of special events for the press;

organizing and conducting online broadcasting activities;

preparation and holding press conferences online;

all kinds of affiliate programs with online media;

sponsor projects on the Internet;

monitoring of Internet media by keyword, interactive clipping;

monitoring of the blogosphere and influential bloggers;

interaction with users on the Internet with the help of mailing services;

Export and import newsroom tapes;

development of a strategy of social media c;

creation and development of their own community;

maintaining corporate blogs of employees;

create a channel to broadcast on the video-hosting services and photo hosting.

Advertising in the press.

People continue to trust, although to a lesser extent, print media, who for several years, satisfy one of the basic human needs - to learn news of the district, city, country and world. For advertising information about a product or service to interested readers as well as, say, construction workers' strike in the city, you need to properly utilize the enormous potential of media support.

The main advantages of advertising in the press:

It has a strong influence on human consciousness

For a long time print media is one of the most powerful means of influencing a mass audience. The information that is supplied in magazines and newspapers, receives wide publicity and may have an enormous impact on developments in society. That is why the print media are often platform specific social and political circles. Advertising in the press, too, offers opportunities to influence the tastes of readers, attract or repel potential customers.

Unlimited possibilities of presenting information

Advertising in the press an opportunity to provide detailed, detailed information about the properties of the goods. At the same time submit it at different angles. This can be detailed reports on the conduct of promotions. Or interviews with real consumers of the product. Or a report from the scene - the opening of new shopping center. Finally, the polemical views on the use in the home interior of a furniture. The newspaper can become a place full of advertising, used as a distribution to dealers or customers as a means of direct marketing. Or you can place in the magazine advertising product samples and coupons at a discount, which pushes the reader to make purchases.

Possibility of local coverage

Every magazine or newspaper has a clearly defined direction, expressed by the political, social, class, ethnic and cultural tightness. This means that the press can easily and accurately calculate the segmented target audience. In this case, there is no need to pay more money for coverage of the general population. And really, what is meant for the head of the company is unlikely to be interested in people of retirement age.

Not aggressive impact

Unlike television and radio broadcast, press advertising does not violate the usual course of life of the consumer, the reader always chooses a convenient time to familiarize yourself with the advertising information. However, according to numerous studies of scientists, it is best perceived by the person the information in writing. Do not neglect this obvious fact.

The long period of exposure

Interesting papers and magazines can be stored for a long time in the "archive" of consumers. Some readers tend to collect clippings of interesting articles with useful, relevant information. High-grade advertising, telling the undoubted benefits for the consumer, has the potential to provide many times the consumer.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising in the press.

Already on the day the newspapers can give a first estimate the effectiveness of advertising on the first response after an advertising message. The next day - keep track of communications with advertising sales. Data on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the media it is easy to collect and analyze information based on the circulation of publications. All this allows you to choose the most accurate strategy for placement of articles in certain newspapers, which means that most effectively to influence a potential consumer.

Advertising on the Internet, press, television, radio, outdoor advertising, BTL, SMS-advertising, etc. - Always available to our customers.

In each case you must use an integrated mix of advertising sites for maximum impact and achieve the business objectives of our clients. Sophisticated medical marketing allows you to choose the right combination of different types of advertising that makes it possible to greatly minimize the overall budget and get the desired result in attracting customers and promoting the brand. And that search for optimal solutions in each case - the main task of our specialists, whose main field of activity - advertising of medical services.